St Paul's Anglican Church

Saint Paul's Anglican Church

Church at 7200 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32940

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in Melbourne, FL

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  • A beautiful church full of warm and caring people. The traditional style worship allows you to fully participate in an atmosphere of beauty and holiness. It is a joy to attend service here.

    Added February 08, 2018 by Margaret Floyd
  • The warmth and caring of the members of this church is second to none. Combine that with the beauty and holiness of traditional worship and you have the consummate church experience. God is definitely present here. I first tried this church five years ago and it changed my life forever and for good.

    Added May 20, 2017 by Clare Burgess
  • This is an amazing church where you will find the magic of traditional liturgy with bells and incense centered around the Book of Common Prayer from 1928 accompanied by traditional hymns sang to a beautiful organ.

    Added March 11, 2017 by Gregory MacBeth
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    The on site thrift shop, Angels in the Attic, is run by racists who are part of and hired by the church. The church should apologize for their attitude and actions and fire those who are committing such sins at the thrift shop. Anything less means St. Paul's is condoning the actions of the racists that are running the thrift shop.

    What am I referring to? This is an account of what recently happened to just one patron:

    Today I stopped off at a thrift store in Melbourne called, "Angles in the Attic". They asked me how I was adjusting to Florida. I said, "It is beautiful here but, all the confederate flags are kind of alarming to me." A customer overhead and got nasty and said "If you do not like it GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! This is the South!" and the cashier said "THAT'S RIGHT!! GET OUT!" There was a beautiful black lady standing in line so even though I was out numbered I said, "I do not have to "go back where I came from" - this is America and I am free to live anywhere I choose". She said, "I am sick of you liberals thinking the confederate flag is racist." I suggested that perhaps she get a history book because her ignorance was embarrassing". The cashier again yelled, 'GET OUT OR I WILL CALL THE MANAGER" Shaking my head I said, "You can call the police for all I care!" I ended up leaving because I was about to cry but boy, there are some really uneducated people hiding under a Christian mask.

    Added February 27, 2017 by Pricilla Monroe
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